Alejandro Jadresic

Decano @ Facultad de Ingeniería - Universidad Adolfo Ibañez

ALEJANDRO JADRESIC is the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the University Adolfo Ibañez since 2007. He also serves as Chairman of the Latin American chapter of the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) and is former President of the Council of Faculty of Engineers of Chile (CONDEFI). During 2017 he has been a Visiting Professor at Politecnico di Torino.

Mr. Jadresic was Minister of Energy in Chile (1994-1998) and President of the Preventive (Competition) Commission and Chief of the Department of Industrial and Commercial Policy at the Ministry of the Economy (1990-94).

He served as President of the Panel of Experts of the Electricity Law (2004-07), an independent body that settles regulatory disputes in the Chilean power sector. He was a member of the Panel of Experts of GPOBA (2005-10) a multi-donor international partnership established to facilitate access to infrastructure and social services for the poor in developing countries. He participated in the Advisory Commission on Power Development (2011) and the Nuclear Electric Power Study Group (2007) both created to provide advice to the government of Chile.

At present he is in the board of directors of TRANSELEC, the largest power transmission company in Chile. In the past he has been in the board of several other companies, including ENAP, a State owned oil company, Canal 13, a leading TV station in Chile, the water utilities ESSBIO, ANSM and Aguas Nuevas, the telecommunications companies ENTEL and CHILESAT, the power company COLBUN, and the trading company COTRISA. He also served in the Consultive Council of the Chilean branch of TELMEX.

Since 1999 he has been the Director of Jadresic Consulting Ltd, which provides consulting services in infrastructure economics, finance and regulatory matters. He has provided advice to companies and government agencies in more than 25 countries as well as to international institutions. He has acted as President or member of many arbitral commissions created to solve tariff and regulatory disputes in infrastructure sectors (electricity, water supply, telecommunications, toll roads).

He graduated as Industrial Engineer from the University of Chile (1981), was awarded a Master degree in Industrial Engineering by the University of Chile (1981) and holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Economics at Harvard University (1984). In his professional career he has received several awards, including the Prince Trpmir Medal by the Government of Croatia and the award to the Best Industrial Engineer (1995) by the School of Engineers of Chile.

He was a professor and researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Chile (1985-1988) and an expert of the Joint ECLAC/UNIDO Unit on Industry and Technology (1988-1990). He has made many presentations in international conferences and has published papers on market reform, infrastructure economics and regulation, energy policy and industrial organization.

June 2017